How To Change iOS 6 Look Into iOS 7

iOS 7 comes with new refreshing icons, but present iOS 7 is available for developer’s only. If you eagerly looking to try new refreshing look and feel of iOS 7, you can customize your iOS 6 into iOS7. In iOS 7 everything from the home-screen to the Notification Center is completely different looking. You can tweak your iOS 6 to change the appearance, but your phone needs to be jailbroken, because tweaks are from Cydia store.

iOS 7 Home Screen:
Look of Home screen is completely different from iOS 6. You’ll need Winterboard so you can install themes. iOS 7 Theme by pw5a29 is a winterboard theme which change the entire look of iOS 6 into iOS 7. After downloading go into Winterboard and enable iOS 7 StatusBar, Springboard, Siri, Notification Center, Messages UI, Lock screen, Icons & UI, and Folders. Download the iOS 7 font and install it, next open BytaFont and select iOS7. Now Reboot the device to take changes effect.

After installing Home screen your phone will look pretty close to iOS 7, but it’s not perfect. Once you open any stock app the illusion is broken. When you change the effects into 3D it mix up with home screen. Download and install the DeepEnd tweak from Ryan Petrich’s repository in Cydia. Once it’s installed, your background moves with your phone’s accelerometer.

iOS 7 Control Center

Adding Notification Center and Control Center:
The new version of Notification Center is very intuitive and simple. You can merge a few tweaks together to make the Notification Center in iOS 6 look like a combination of the Notification Center and Control Center in iOS 7.

Tweaks to Download:
1.Download and install NCSettings from Cydia.
2.Enable NCSettings by turning it on in Settings -> Notifications.
3.Download and install BlurriedNCBackground from Cydia.
4.Grab the iOS 7 Control Toggles theme for Winterboard. Enable it in both Winterboard and NC Settings (Settings > NC Settings > Theme > iOS 7 Control Toggles).
5.If you want to add the Control Center style music controls, you can add in NCMusicGestures.

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