Clear All Browsing History And Traces In Chrome Powerfully With History Eraser

Whenever you browse internet you left some traces of your browsing history on the system. It may be personal or business secret or Bank information the data gets saved on your system. Deletion of browsing history is available in chrome, you can use Ctrl+Shift+Del to bring “Clear browsing data” menu on the screen. But you cannot schedule the deletion of browsing data in Chrome. Up to some extenct only it can delete data, it won’t touch plug-in data or databases.


History Eraser is a Google Chrome Extension, works effectively with browser. It provides three main important privacy features.

1.It remains you regularly to clear browsing data.
2.One click delete button.
3.It clears data more than Google offers.

By default it deletes all data, if you want to keep password and cookies you can keep them by un checking option in configuration menu. It is a great extension for privacy concern people. You can get more control over by enabling Dev mode.

History Eraser
Price: Free



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