Do Anounymous Search In Android & iOS With DuckDuckGo

When Edward Snoden revealed secrets about NSA project PRISM, everyone looking for better privacy options. DuckDuckGo provides more security to your online search, it doesn’t save any user data in servers. That’s why everyone eyes on DuckDuckGo. You can use DuckDuckGo on any web browser. DuckDuckGo has come up with official apps of its own for both iOS and Android.

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When you open the app it starts with latest top stories from different sources. You can customize the list by going into app’s settings. Its main feature offers is quite simple and you can search a queries from anywhere in the app. You can bookmark a query for future use by hitting the ‘+’ icon. You can clear all your search quires by heading to the app’s settings. Overall it is a goo search engine for privacy concerned people.

Developer’s Site.

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