Access Your SkyDrive Files Offline In Windows 8.1

SkyDrive is a Microsoft’s own popular cloud storage service. You can access SkyDrive on any platform from mobile to desktop. But SkyDrive for Windows 8 available only in app form. In improve version of Windows 8.1 you can get free Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote in browser with SkyDrive and free Office Web Apps.

Generally when we open app, you can view and browse the files you’ve saved to Windows 8.1 brings a awesome feature the complete integration of SkyDrive with OS. Now you can access the files on your computer in the Metro UI. Means you can access the files when PC in offline. If you want to work with SkyDrive files without the Internet connection, you need to make the files available offline.

To make visible:
Open SkyDrive from the start screen, open the settings menu from the charms bar. Under the options, you’ll find the option to enable offline access for SkyDrive files. Once the offline access is granted, SkyDrive will download the files on to your PC.

Offline Enable




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