How To Record Skype Calls In Mac

Skype became a common communicating solution for people in Worldwide. It is one of the best ways to make free calls nationally and internationally. If you want to record your Skype conversations with Mac here is the list of the best apps.

Quicktime Skype Recording

Using Quicktime

It is a built-in process in Mac. Recent versions of QuickTime include a screen recording feature. Just open QuickTime, then click File and select New Recording option. For best recording result avoid speaker and use only headphones.

Call Recorder

Call Recorder

Call Recorder is also a good way to record your Skype calls. To record just use the Record and Stop buttons. After each recording, the files are saved into a folder on your Mac.

Mp3 Skype Recorder

MP3 Skype Recorder

MP3 Skype Recorder is a free Skype call recording tool. It can record Skype conference calls. The program works in the system tray and monitors your Skype calls. It starts recording automatically when you start a conversation.


Skype is arguably one of the most popular instant messaging application available on the internet. In fact, it has become a handy tool for so many, including the business-oriented class of individuals who use it for business meetings and journalists who use it for interviews. The long list of how Skype has made our lives better is endless.

But there’s something that perturbs many. The inability of users to record Skype calls since Skype has no inbuilt functionality to it.

All that is, however, changing, thanks to the introduction of call recording apps for Skype. This guide thus shows you how to record Skype calls on Mac. Recording your Skype calls would come in handy if you want to keep the details of your conversation with someone as proof, or for other purposes.

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Using Call Recorder for Skype

  1. Quit Skype.
  2. Download and install the Call Recorder software for Skype from here. This software from ECamm costs about $30.
  3. After the installation, open the Skype app again.
  4. Navigate to and click on “Preferences” > “Recording”. Choose “QuickTime” settings and save your preferences.
  5. Start a new video or audio call on Skype and the recording screen will pop up. Simply click the record button and the app will do the rest. Hit the stop button when you’re done with the conversation.

You can find the recorded videos and audios in the Finder folder by clicking on the search icon.

Using Piezo

Download and install Piezo by Rogue Amoeba.

  1. Launch Skype, then Launch Piezo.
  2. On the Piezo window, navigate to and click “Source” > then select “Skype”.
  3. Now start a video or audio call on Skype and click the red button in the Piezo window to record your conversation. A pop-up alert will notify you that you are in the trial mode.
  4. Click the record button again to stop recording.

It is pertinent to note that Piezo and its sister app Audi Hijack, both products from Rogue Amoeba offer free recording for the first 10 minutes. Then subsequently distorts the audio and video quality of subsequent minutes.

Using QuickTime

Launch QuickTime on your computer if you already have it. If you don’t, download and install it.

  1. Open the QuickTime player.
  2. Navigate to and click “File” > then New Screen recording.
  3. To the left of the microphone button is a smaller button from where you can change some other settings. Click that button and choose the “Built-in input: Internal Microphone”.
  4. Click the record button; you can select the whole screen for recording or select a part of the screen for recording using the marque tool available in QuickTime’s recording stable.
  5. Launch Skype and start your conversation. Click the stop icon in the QuickTime window to stop the recording.
  6. Then click navigate to and click “File” > Save as and enter the name for your video and then save it.
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Using QuickTime’s recording feature is arguably the best way to record your Skype calls on Mac. The only downside, however, is the fact that it creates large video file which may require compression to minimize its size. Alternatively, give a look at our article on recording skype calls in windows.


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