WakeVoice Is A Talking Alarm Clock For Android

WakeVoice is a different kind of alarm clock for android. It talks with you and you can talk to. It wakes you with a news headlines, personalized message. When WakeVoice working in the morning, you can speak of it to snooze or turn the alarm off.

WakeVoice Alarm Clock For Android Screen WakeVoice Alarm Clock UI WakeVoice Android Alarm Clock

You can set male and female voice to wake you. The app UI is neat and intuitive with simple options. You can also set online radio station of your choice to wake you up. The app is available in Google Play store for free. Pro version is also available with some extra features.

Pro Features of WakeVoice Alarm Clock for Android

  • Speech recognition and speech synthesis engine.
  • Online radio station
  • Weather and daily news

Developer’s Site

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