Share Files And Screenshots Instantly From Mac Menu Bar With Thunder

How you share your screen shots on Mac? The simple solution is Thunder. Thunder lets you take screenshots and automatically uploads them to the cloud. After installation it sits in your Mac menu bar. Click it to open the app’s menu and select the ‘Take Screen Shot’ option if you want to take a screenshot. Or you can take screenshot instantly by clicking the icon while keeping the Command key pressed.

Thunder App

You can upload any file to the app by drag and drop process. It has limited options to use, one simple use is it integrates with Notification Center. In order to use Thunder, you will need to sign up for a free Thunder account. The storage space is not mentioned in the app, if you are not satisfied given space you can change the cloud service to Amazon S3 bucket by opening the ‘Account Settings’ page for the service in your browser. Thunder is a free app available in the Mac App Store.

Download Thunder.

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