Send Literally Any File Type On WhatsApp For Android With What’s Packed

Everyone loves WhatsApp, it is a simple way to communicate easily with people. We can send photos, videos, music and contacts to a buddy. However file sharing is limited to some formats only, we can’t send Zip, Exe or PDF’s files to any recipients.

But there is a solution to send any file type through WhatsApp messenger, What’s Packed is an Android app which allows users to send any file type through WhatsApp.

Note: To send and receive any file type both sender and recipient must install this app on their Android devices.

What's Packed Selection What's Packed to send any file type on android

Just go to the Google Play store and install it. Now open the WhatsApp on the device and tap on the send data option Audio/Recorder. When you click on the option WhatsApp ask you the default app you would like to use for recording. Here don’t check the option “default handler for the future”. Now select What’s Pack here it opens your phone SD card location to choose any file type. It is a useful app but limited to only WhatsApp contacts.

Developer’s Site (The site is currently Frozen).

Download What’s Packed.

Update - 2016.07.12Updated the links

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