How To Clean A Dirty Keyboard

After prolonged use keyboards can become dirty and sticky. Some people put their hands on the keyboard without cleaning hands after eating. Result they become sticky and oily. For some keyboards dust vents into below the keys, it can affect the keys to press correctly and become dead keys. It is good to clean keyboards regularly, this will prolong the life of the keyboard.

Disassembling keyboard may void warranty.



Using Earbuds:
If your keyboard looks like oily or sticky you can easily clean your keyboard with earbuds. Earbuds can go through the every corner of the key, without opening the keys.

Keyboard Toothbrush

Using Tooth Brush:
Toothbrush is a very handy tool to clean the keyboard. Just swipe vertically and horizontally on the keys to remove the dust.

All Purpose Air Duster

Quick Cleaning:
For quick cleaning of your keyboard just simply use compressed air blower to run away the dust.

Keys In Water

Complete Cleaning:
If you don’t bother about the warranty you can just simply remove the keys and dip in surf water. Clean every key with brush or hand to remove dust. Now clean the skeleton of the keyboard with earbuds dipped in isopropyl alcohol to remove remaining dust.



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