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There are lot of free blogging platforms available to create free beautiful personalized blogs. MyDropPages for Dropbox and Google Drive web hosting give a hosting experience in Cloud services. If you are looking for diffrent and unique platform to create a personalized blog try turns your Evernote notes into a blog.

Evernote Authorization

When you first sign up for a free account, will asks you to authorize your Evernote account. Create a new blog with the desired name, custom domain name is also available but it is a premium feature in future. When you create your blog, you can also have automatically create an Evernote notebook where all your posts will be saved, or you can choose an existing notebook. It supports a Diqus commenting system for your blog. Service

To create first post, simply create a new note. The title of the note will be the title of your post, and the body of the note is the body of your post. In order to publish the note as a blog post, simply tag it ‘published’.

If you want to remove a blog post, you can do it in two ways, you can either simply delete the note, or remove the ‘published’ tag from the note and hit the sync button. is offering a creative way to create a blog, if you are looking for a new blog platform to start a blog try




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