Evernote For Android Updated With Annotations And Improved Remainders

Evernote for Android added a list of new features to make more productive. From now the app lets you attach Office documents, annotate your PDF’s.

Improved Reminders:
At the top of your note list, there’s a new Reminders field. Tap into it and type the Reminder title, then add an optional due date. You can add another Reminder right away or tap Done. To rearrange your Reminders, first make sure that your list is not sorted by date, then simply drag and swipe an individual Reminder into the spot you want.

Evernote Remainders

Mark Up PDFs in Skitch:
Evernote for Android and our Skitch app have let you easily annotate images for quite some time. Now, Premium users can do the same with attached PDFs, letting you give quick, on-the-go feedback on work projects, scanned documents and research.

Via Evernote Blog.



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