Listen Latest Music Chartbusters In Android With Chartix

Are you a hardcore music lover and you don’t want to miss latest hits ? try Chartix for Android. With Chartix you can browse and listen various music charts. The app supports ads; you will notice the main screen displays three ads.

Chartix is displayed three main chartbusters list.

Chartix UI

  • Billboard Charts including US Top 100, Billboard 200, Digital Songs, Radio songs and K-Pop Top 100.
  • iTunes Top 10 Charts for 22 different countries.
  • iTunes Top 100 Charts US.

You can preview each song using Apple’s iTunes music service. The song preview is limited to 30 seconds. You can use the view on YouTube option to listen to the full song on YouTube. The app allows you to access to a lot of charts but it is limited to 30 sec preview. If you want to try a sneak peak of latest songs this app is for you.

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