Easily Disable And Uninstall Apps & Extensions In Chrome With SimpleExtManager

Google Chrome has a ton of apps and extensions, but it is tough to maintain them in Chrome. SimpelExtManager is a simple extension which maintains all your existing extensions in an easily accessible way.

After installation, it sits in your toolbar and provides all your extensions as a list. You can disable them with a check box, or you can uninstall them. You can create extensions as groups to arrange and maintain them easily. Overall, it’s a pretty useful extension for convenient to access all apps and extensions in one click.

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Easily Disable and Uninstall Apps &Extensions in Chrome with SimpleExt Manager

Google Chrome is a great browser in itself, but the use of extensions helps make it better. There are times when we need some help in using the app, so we turn to the add-ons. This is great up to the point when we have downloaded so many extensions that it makes the browser unusable. The worst part is the amount of memory that the extensions can take as well.

SimpleExt Manager; A solution to the Messy Extensions

A simple solution would be to simply go and disable or uninstall the extensions that you don’t use. The only problem is, this might get messy or tough especially when you have many extensions installed. At this point, let me introduce you to SimpleExt Manager. Ironically, it’s also an extension that you install on your browser to manage your other extensions. You can use it to easily disable and uninstall apps and extensions via the use of extension groups.

Simple Ext Manager is very useful for when you need a quick solution to your batch uninstall/disable issue. You can use it to manage all your extensions at once, or you can group the extensions, so that an action can be executed to the batch at once.

How to Use the Extension

The extension is easy to use. Once installed, go to the browser toolbar and click on the extension icon. This will bring up a list of all your extensions. From this point, you can choose to either disable the extension, uninstall it or simply change some specific setting on the extension. Another option that the extension offers is the ability to place your extensions in groups. You have the choice on how you’d like to group the extensions. You can do this to organize the browser and ensure maximum productivity. You can also do this to help execute a batch action such as uninstalling or disabling a number of extensions.


Overall, this extension is great for easily disabling or uninstalling apps and extensions in Chrome. Do you know of any other extension that can do this? Have you ever tried this extension? Let’s hear from you in the comments section below.

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