Batch Uninstall Windows Programs With dUninstaller

Windows default ‘Add or Remove Programs’ feature is a good traditional method we commonly use to uninstall programs. But the traditional uninstallation procedure options are basic and limited. You can uninstall only one program at a time, it leaves various traces in registry. We’ve already covered famous Uninstaller “Revo Uninstaller” in earlier posts. dUninstaller brand new entry in the Uninstallers category with unique features like batch, remote and automated uninstall.

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dUninstaller is a portable tool, just download and run the program. dUninstaller reads the section of the registry where installed applications are registered with Windows. Within these registry entries is an “uninstall string” value that tells Windows (via Control Panel) how to uninstall the application. Batch uninstallation is a very useful feature, just simply mark the item and hit “Uninstall now” tab.

dUninstaller Features:

  • Run dUninstaller.exe normally to manually view installed applications, uninstall them, and/or add them to your ‘definitions’ for automated removal.
  • Add any partial search term to your definitions to uninstall matching items, e.g. “toolbar” will uninstall EVERYTHING with “toolbar” in the name.
  • Run dUninstaller.exe /auto  from a command prompt or script for automated/silent removal of items in your definitions, excluding any items matching your whitelist.

dUninstaller is free for personal and commercial use, for additional features like silent operation, logging, and email features you need to pay $5 for the license.

Download dUninstaller

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