Flipboard Launches User-Curated Magazines On The Web

Flipboard is beautifully designed app to read feeds and latest news for tablets and Smartphones. After three weeks of Google Reader demise, Flipboard comes up with a web-based reader. You don’t need any account to use Flipboard for the web. It is simply a way to read magazines created and curated by people using Flipboard for mobile devices.

Flipboard Community

As you can see in the above image, the Flipboard community have many sections to fit the user’s needs and to make it easier to find the lovely magazines with a few clicks. Thousands of files collected from the world’s best creators are stored in the Flipboard servers to engage the readers. No matter which kind of magazines you love to read and enjoy. There is not chance for not having your favorite on the list shown in Flipboard.

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In addition, Flipboard also features video tutorials to guide you through the steps to use Flipboard. It is a unique feature which can’t be found in similar ventures. Read what you love which is already on the Flipboard or you can also access them via Flipboard. It is a complete personal magazine to assist you. Flipboard also provides a solution to collect and share what you love on it to the outer world. No more need to copy paste them to a doc and send an email to your friend. Flipboard is here.

Flipboard Menu

What makes interesting is You can scroll to flip pages in 3D, see big pictures, high-resolution covers, photos and quickly share links on Facebook and Twitter, etc. To browse through sections click the Menu button in the top-left corner to check out Flipboard users’ favorite magazines.

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