SwiftKey Beta For Android With Cloud Support & Trending Phrases

SiwftKey is one of the most popular Android keyboard app in the market. Recently SwiftKey launched latest beta version with new features like Cloud support and Trending phrases. The cloud option enables you to backup all your personalized data such as words, phrases, typing style, and other customizations straight to SwiftKey’s cloud server, you can sync settings on any android upon upgradation.

SwiftKey integrates with your Google account to backup your settings. In addition to backing up your SwiftKey data, the service also keeps your data synced across multiple Android devices. Trending Phrases analyzes latest happenings on Twitter and other news sources to sift out the most relevant daily discussions and trending topics on SwiftKey. This feature is only available for a few languages at this time though, including US / UK English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. It is available for a limited time, download from the below given link.

Download SwiftKey Beta.



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