Postbox Is A Powerful Email Client For Windows & Mac

Regular mail checking is a boring process, you can skip this step by installing a powerful email client on a desktop. Postbox is a powerful desktop email client for Windows and Mac. It handles all your email and RSS subscriptions in a simple intuitive interface. It has built in features like customizable favourite bar, unified folders and Account Groups, Summarized Replies, Quick Reply and social connect.

Why Postbox?:
If you are a Thunderbird user you can perfectly fit into the Postbox interface, based on Thunderbird and developed by the team who created.


Features & UI:
It is very easy to navigate between the accounts, you can view emails in multiple view modes. It can work with famous services like Dropbox and Evernote. You can turn large attachments link directly into Dropbox links means Postbox can create Dropbox links on your behalf. In Mac OS X you can take any message in Postbox and convert it into an Evernote note with the click of a button (Evernote account must be installed).

Posbox Email UI

It can use Gmail style keyboard shortcuts, shuffle messages into your Gmail archive. And the best part is you can tweet, Facebook status update and LinkedIn update through the Postbox interface. Overall it is a very good desktop email client for both Windows and Mac.

Download Postbox.



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