Walk Up is an Alarm Clock For iOS With Forceful Waking Up Feature

Early mornings are so sleepy, we can’t open our eyes properly. Sometimes we miss important schedules, college, and office because of morning dizziness. Walk Up is an alarm clock for iOS, which is a forceful and cruel alarm clock for sleepy mornings.

Walk up Alarm Clock For iOS Walk up Alarm Clock Walk up Alarm Clock For iOS users

It offers a choice of alarm sounds like a screaming man or a screaming woman. To stop the alarm you need to walk a number of steps. Once an alarm is set, you can’t change it without setting the alarm off. The app is available in Apple App Store for $0.99.

Features of the Walk Up Alarm Clock For iOS

  •  Intelligent Algorithms
  • Smart Settings to Prevent Cheating
  • Built In Panic Boosts for Alarm Intensity
  • Gorgeous Animated Skins
  • Scary Alarm Sounds
  • Doomsday Countdown Customized to Each Theme
  • Optional Evil Mode (No Snoozing Allowed)
  • Repeat Your Alarm Time Daily
  • Progressive Volume Settings

Download Walk Up Alarm Clock for iOS

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