Google Chromecast Review

Chromecast is a much anticipated product from Google. Technology is rapidly changing day by day, but products like latest LED TV’s are only rich people toys. For normal people they want to buy but they can’t efford it. Features like airplay, web browsing on TV is possible only in high end TV models.

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Using Google Chromecast you can turn any normal TV into high end TV. It is a simple stick with wireless connectivity. All you need to have is a TV with HDMI connectivity, remaining all things are managed by Chromecast.

The Chromecast is a $35 HDMI dongle that basically carry all your smartphone, laptop and tablet signals to your TV. Even you can send Google Chrome browser tabs to your TV, so you can easily feel a large screen browsing experience.

Getting Started:
It is a simple 3 inch long HDMI dongle, when connected it uses power from TV. It is better to connect a external power adapter to plug the Chromecast. Just simply connect the dongle to your TV and make sure it is on your Wi-Fi network. Setup can be done on PC, MAC or Android using a app. For web browsing install Chromecast extension on your computer.

Chromecast Review

At present Chromecast supports YouTube, Netflix, and Google’s various Play media apps. Media movement is super smooth and it is easy to navigate between apps. Music services like Spotify and Pandora works well on Chromecast. Present it supports only few apps, but this is a product of Google, so you can definitely expect more from it in future.


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