Top Three New Tab Page Extensions For Chrome

After Google search and Gmail Google Chrome is well known product from Google. Google Chrome has its own web store with ton of customization options. After opening the Chrome everyone opens second tab to browse another site.

In the mean time a customized new tab page can bring productivity features like time, date, weather, short cuts, apps, recently opened tabs and most visited sites list. Here is the list of best new tab page extensions to improve your productivity.

Turn Your Chrome's New Tab Page Into A Windows 8 Start Screen Tiles Look With New Metro Tab

New Metro Tab:
Windows tile interface is a new trendsetter in the new customizable user interfaces. Everyone are slowly habituating the Windows 8 tile interface. If you are a Windows 8 tile interface lover like me, you can bring tile interface style to Chrome new tab page. The tile interface works really well as a app launcher. The live tiles can show new notifications on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr.

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Customize Google Chrome New Tab Page With Clock,RSS Feeds And Weather Using Fruumo Extension thetechhacker

Fruumo Extension:
Fruumo gives a completely fresh look of new tab page in Google chrome. When you open the new tab page it can provide you with extra information of Weather,Time and much more.

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New Tab Page thetechhacker

New Tab Page Extension:
When you install a software from third party websites it automatically changes the new tab page with their advertisers products and custom search engines.

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