EZBlocker Blocks Spotify Ads With One Click On Windows

Spotify is a great music service for listening music online. Spotify offers free and pro version, the problem comes with free account, it serves ads between songs. Normally you can’t skip that, only way is to opt for pro version. But we have one software which turn Spotify free account features into pro. EZBlocker is a application that lets you block Spotify ads with just one mouse click.


It works as a ad blocker extension for browsers, you just simply need to download it and run the app, no installation required. It runs in your system tray and shows the next song and ad as a popup dialogue. The application also keeps a log of all the blocked ads in Block list TXT, it automatically blocks ads mentioned in TXT file. It works on Windows operating system, including Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Download EZBlocker.



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