Is It Really A Good Option To Upgrade Traditional HDD To SSD

Solid-State Drives are a new kind of computer storage solutions with the same functionality as traditional hard drives. They are very fast regarding write and read tasks. Adding an SSD to your computer is the best upgrade till the date, it improves your system boot up speeds at blazing fast.

SSD offer much higher data transfer rates than traditional hard drives consuming much less energy and also having greater levels of reliability. SSDs have 100 times higher read and write speeds access times for quicker boot ups, faster file transfers, and faster overall performance than hard drives.

How to choose the right SSD:

It is relatively straightforward to pick a good SSD for your computer if you know the correct use of SSD. But the selection of SSD somehow complicated regarding brands. There are some brands are launching SSD’s in the market. All SSD’s speeds are similarly same; your can choose the SSD based on your budget.

Not only speed you also look for some qualities in choosing SSD like MLC or NAND flash memory, SATA III support, and reliability.

SSD Speeds:
SATA III (6Gbps): 750MB/s
SATA II (3Gbps): 375MB/s
SATA I (1.5Gbps): 187.5MB/s

Limitations Of SSD:

  • Many of us partition hard drive by giving more space to “C” Drive. But in SSD, you have to sacrifice your “C” Drive size.
  • If your current hard drive is dead and you want to purchase new one SSD is not your option. Because SSD prices are higher when compared to traditional hard drives. You need to spend more the $80 only for 60GB SSD.
  • It is best to use SSD as a primary hard disk for the computer. Means it is best to maintain second hard drive for data storage and SSD for OS installation.

Benchmarks Of Famous SSD Brands:

OCZ vertex

OCZ Vertex 4:
Max Seq Read: 535 MB/s
Max Seq Write: 475 MB/s
AES-256 Encryption: Yes


Transcend SSD320

Transcend SSD320:
Max Seq Read: 560MB/s
Max Seq Write: 540MB/s


SanDisk Extreme II

SanDisk Extreme II:
Max Seq Read: 550MB/s
Max Seq Write: 340MB/s


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