Bring Galaxy S4 Type Gestures On Any Android Device With Air Swiper

Gesture controlling is shaking the Android world, after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 everyone is looking for gesture controllers on their devices. We already posted some gesture controlling apps for Android. The latest add-on to our gesture control Android apps list is Air Swiper.

Air Swiper UI

Air Swiper is a simple app that turns any normal Android phone into S4 styled gesture controller. The interface of Air Swiper is pretty simple, it carries all the controllers you want to customize. You can use Air Swiper for complete the following tasks.

Unlocking and locking the device & disabling a lock screen
SMS controls
Sound controls
After boot application will turn on or off everything you have had selected before in the application.
Wireless controls – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, can be now turned OFF or ON by simple motions.
Turn off lockscreen by twice swiping over yours device sensor.

Price: Free



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