Best Lock Screen Apps For Your Android Smartphone

Android is the best smartphone OS in the world. It offers tons of customization options to customize in your own way. In Android you can make your lock screen informative, using some simple apps. You can turn your Android lock screen into stylish intuitive lock screen with these apps.

#1. Magic Unlock

Unlock Your Android With A Wave Of Your Hand Using Magic Unlock thetechhacker

Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed with new features like using phone with gestures. If you want to operate your Android phone with gestures try Magic Unlock. Magic Unlock unlocks your phone by using the proximity sensor on your device to use just hover hand over the device.

Magic Unlock
Price: Free

#2. Sparky Lock Screen

Sparky Lock Screen Is New Kind Of Lock Screen For Android

Spark Lock Screen has taken full advantage of the customization options of Android. It is a lock screen customization app for Android, it lets you you quick access to basic apps and functions like messaging, calls, emails without having to unlock the phone.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

#3. ActiveNotifications

Get Moto X Active Display On Any Android Device Running 4.3 With ActiveNotifications

Motorola released their prestigious flagship phone Moto X. Moto X’s main attraction factor is its Active Display, it features widgets and notification on the lock screen. With the help of Active Display you can access notifications and widgets even the phone in lock mode.

Price: Free+

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