UnoDNS Lets You Watch Blocked Channels By Bypassing Regional Locks

If you’re outside of US and UK and missing services like Spotify and BBC iPlayer ? No problem, now you can enjoy all famous services on any device you want without region lock. UnoDNS is a service from UnoTelly that lets you to watch channels by bypassing regional locks.

I am a Spotify lover but the service is not available in my country. Thanks to UnoDNS, from now onwards I can enjoy all great channels (include Audio and Video) just for $4.99/Month. UnoDNS is a premium service, because you have to pay some amount to enjoy great services. However you can enjoy this service for free for eight days(trial-no credit card required to signup).

How it works:
When you open a region locked website it checks your actual location and IP address. If it matches the settings then only you access the website. Using UnoDNS you can access any website you want. UnoDNS routes you through its own DNS servers, simply it changes your location to another country which supports all these channels. BBC iPlayer works only in UK, using UnoDNS you can access BBC iPlayer in any country.

Setup is simple, for Windows you just need to configure your computer with the DNS addresses provided by UnoDNS. UnoDNS supports all famous devices.

Supported Devices:
Xbox 360
Playstation 3
Nintendo Wii
Dynex Blu-Ray Player
Apple TV

All instruction are given in detailed manor in UnoDNS support guide.

Supported Channels:


Vast number of channels are available in UnoDNS network. You can watch any channel anywhere in the world.

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1.Blazing Speed 1000Mbit Connection

2.No Bandwidth Cap

3.Works on all Devices

4.256-bit Encryption

Visit UnoTelly.



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