Why Your Android Need Root? Top Reasons To Root Your Android Device

Android is most popular mobile operating system in the World. It is very easy to customize, tweak Android, but some customizations need rooting. If you want to know about what is rooting, how it works and what are the reasons to root here are the complete details.


What is Android Rooting?

Rooting means you are giving full root permissions to your phone. It is like running programs as administrator in Windows with full permissions. With Rooting you can access every folder and file in Android to the root level.

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Why We Need Rooting?

After rooting we gain special access to the OS. We can give special permission to the apps to do their duties. Some apps works only on rooted Android phones like Titanium Backup, Auto Killer etc.

Top Reasons Behind Android Rooting

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1.Android Tweaking

Some people love to tweak their device for unique look. You can customize your phone to give best appearance, multitasking features, customized keyboards, themes and launchers.

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2.To Remove Bundled Software

Every Android phone comes with built-in apps, some may be useful some may not. The built-in apps consume lot of phone internal storage,that’s why most of the people want to remove built in apps for their personal reasons. Titanium Backup can remove unwanted apps from your phone. Titanium Backup works only on rooted Android devices.

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3.Cleaning Android

Smartphones run on lot of apps and files, some times unused files reside on device by wasting lot space and RAM. To maintain perfectly we need to clean regularly to remove unwanted files. Some famouse cleaners for Android works only on rooted devices.

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4.To Flash Custom ROM’s

Some pro users won’t satisfy with stock ROM’s. Samsung offers TouchWiz UX along with Android. After rooting you can install a custom ROM. Custom ROM’s offer better performance with much more features.

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5.For Seamless Backups

Backups are necessary for every device. It saves you to restore data when some unexpected situations occurs. In rooted Androids you have full permissions backup whatever you want, whenever you want. You can automate your backup process by scheduled timings, this is possible only in rooted devices.

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