How To Save Most Of The Space On The Hard Drive

It is very easy to run out of the disk space, because data size is going bigger and larger. In this digital age every data is converted into digital applications, videos, songs, movies and documents etc. Even 1TB hard drive became minimum these days.

Solid state drives are replacing the traditional hard drives, they are more expensive than normal drives(1TB costs $90) and comes in small data sizes (128GB costs $135).If your hard drive is full and no place to store new files, no problem you can clear some space by applying simple techniques.

Disk Cleanup

Using Default Applications:
Normally in every system some place is consumed by temp folders and recycle bin. You can get rid of them by using disk cleaning software, Windows Disk Clean-up is a good example.

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Using Third Party Apps:
Applications like CCleaner, KCleanerAshampoo WinOptimizer 10 and Revo Uninstaller can clean unused files easily.

Manual Cleaning

Manual Cleaning:
Sometimes we download large files and forgot them. They reside on our hard drive by occupying huge disk space. First find out which file is occupying most of the space and it is necessary for you are not. WinDirStat is simple program which lets you to easily find out the big files.

Easy Duplicate Finder

Find Duplicate Files:
It is very hard to find duplicate file on a system. You can find duplicate files is very easy with Duplicate file searcher, remove the duplicate files and save up some space on disk.

Revo Uninstaller

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps:
Normally we forgot which apps is installed on our PC after prolong time. Some may be useful for continuous use, but some programs stay on hard disk space eating large amount of space. Uninstallers like Revo uninstaller simplify your job by not only un-installing app even removing its traces from system.


Using External Hard Drives or NAS:
If you feel every file on your system is useful to you and you don’t want to delete them then cleaning is a must task . Simple way to clean your system is moving your files to another drive. Or create a backup solution using NAS. It provides a central hard drive on which you can store, share and back up all files from multiple computers in the house. NAS uses its own operating system, processor for storing content. Using NAS we can create central library of music, photos, videos hub in the home.


Using Cloud Storages:
There are number of Cloud services offering free space upon sign up. You can earn most of the cloud space by entering their referral programs. Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive and Box are popular among them. This is a great way to move videos and photos in your secure online storage space and also save lot of space in your system.



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