Remove Facebook Ads In Google Chrome With Facebook Adblock

Facebook is number one social networking site in the world. Facebook is loved by people all over in the world; it removed the barriers between countries and continents. The annoying thing in the Facebook is ads; it sometimes slow downs the page opening speeds of Facebook. You can get rid of those unwanted ads in Google Chrome easily.

It is a Google Chrome extension works only with Google Chrome web browser. If you are using any other browser, you have to change it to Chrome if you want to get rid of Facebook ads. To block annoying ads this extension is probably best here.

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Facebook Adblock Effect

Facebook Adblock For Google Chrome

Facebook Adblock is a Google Chrome extension, which removes all ads like Sponsored pages your friends like, sponsored ads in the right sidebar and promoted posts. Just simply install the extension in Google Chrome, and rest of the blocking process will take by Facebook Adblock. You can see a huge difference in you Facebook profile after installing the extension. It simply blocks all annoying ads appearing on your Facebook profile.

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    foxlauren797 Sep 3, 2013 at 8:11 am

    Wow, let me just say…AWESOME extension! I downloaded this for torch browser because I HATE ads.  I mean, really HATE ads. And it clears everything up!!

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