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Angry Boss is a fun filled action & arcade game from Headway Games. The concept of the game is simple, you just need to steal the food, classified documents and information from company’s computers to take revenge on your boss. If anyone see your act while stealing the game begin from starting.

Angry Boss Settings Screenshot_2013-08-23-17-18-23

It is a time pass game when you are in bad mood, the developer created this game based on the theme “Angry man” in the office who want to take revenge on boss by destroying documents and water coolers. The graphics are simple, looks like sketched and it is very easy to understand to play the game.

Angry Boss Angry Boss Game Play

You can connect the game with Facebook and Twitter to share high scores and achievements on your wall. There is another option called The Man in the settings, it is a survey conducted by developer how many of us hate boss or company and the reason behind it. You can send your own experience by typing a paragraph in the box. The game is available in free and paid versions, the only difference is advertisements.

Price: Free
Price: $0.99

Developer’s Words:

Sick of your job? Sick of your boss? Sick of your co-workers? Want revenge? While we cannot encourage you to apply the behaviour seen in this game in real life, letting some steam off is never bad. So come here and kick The Man where it hurts him the most: in the profit! Sabotage your company without them knowing anything about it! Show the sheeple that The Man can be brought down! Take what you worked for instead of letting those greedy managers take a cut from your work!

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