Get Detailed Video Stats In YouTube With vidlQ Vision For Chrome

YouTube marketing is a biggest trend for marketers. People in every corner of the world chosen YouTube as a marketing platform. To see how the uploaded video is performing on the net like votes, likes and demographics try vidlQ Vison for Google Chrome.

According to developer:
“vidIQ Vision ranks every video you watch with our proprietary Score which helps judge the likelihood of a video being promoted in Related Videos, Search, Recommended Videos, and more.

Facebook Likes/Shares/Comments: See how many times someone on Facebook has Liked, Shared or included your video’s URL in a comment.

Twitter Insights: See how many times someone has included your video’s URL in a Tweet, as well as the actual tweets themselves.”

vidlQ Vision Video Stats

It is a very useful extension to analyse your YouTube stats easily. After installation when you open your uploaded YouTube video you’ll notice new sidebar beside video window.

It shows the information like:
1.Total views
2.YouTube shares
3.Subscriptions driven
4.Facebook likes, comments and shares
6.Google +1’s
7.Time watched
8. And vidlQ score.



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