How To Detect Your Android Device Is Infected Or Not

The latest report of McAfee states that the Android have highest number of malware attacks when compared to other mobile OS’s. To know your Android infected or not just check the below-given points first.


  • When a infection reside on your device it automatically becomes slow. You’ll notice a big change in the performance of device. Close all apps and check your device home screen running smoothly or heavily. When a malicious script present in your device it consumes all the power of your processor.
  • Call drops are common in infected devices. When you are speaking with someone if suddenly call stops regularly, this may be the job of malicious script. Some Malwares stops calls and uses your device antenna to interact with hacker.
  • If you are a medium range mobile user, means usage of talk time, data and SMS is normal and you suddenly face bill of unexpected amount this may be another symptom of infected device. Just ask your contacts whether they receive any messages from you without your knowledge.

If your device passed all the above tests, your device is virus and malware free. But install a good malware remover to prevent the infection.


  • First install mobile antivirus and malware removers like McAfee and Avast.
  • Regularly check your data usage with apps like 3G Watch Dog or DataMan Next
  • You can check the app usage statistics with AVG Uninstaller, if you find an app installed without your knowledge and consumes all your device resources with maximum usage first delete the app.
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