Easily Change Fonts On Websites You Visit With Font Changer For Chrome

Fonts of every website different from one another, some are very clear to read and some are very irritating and small. You can change the font of any website easily with Font Changer for Google Chrome. Font Changer is a Google Chrome extension, which is very simple to use.

Font Changer For Chrome To change font of any website

How to use Font Changer on Google Chrome:

  1. First, install the Font Changer from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. It works in the Chrome toolbar.
  3. When you click on FC icon it open the settings.
  4. Change the Font name to change the font. You can also change the font style, weight and size. Font Changer has three setting-Global Settings, Custom Settings and No Settings.
  5. Global Settings change the font for every website you visit.
  6. You can set custom settings as a secondary option.

Font changer is very easy to use and extremely useful to improve poor font size as well as the font of the websites.

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