Corsair Voyager Air Review

Corsair Voyager Air Review

Corsair Voyager Air looks like normal hard drive but when you digg more about it you will be ready to buy. It is a built in Wi-Fi hard drive means it has its own access point like a router. Usage is very simple just plug in the power and switch on the device, instantly it starts the access point. You can share your files and HD content directly to the hard drive.

Where it excels:

It has a USB 3.0 support which is a very fast wired connection, and a built in 7 hour battery. The drive also works with USB 2.0 port but at slower speed. You can use in wired mode and as well as wireless mode. Its portability is its main attraction, it’s size resemblance the Wireless Plus. The Voyage Air comes included with a car charger, you can connect tablets(Both Android and iOS), laptops, desktops and Smartphones to it.

Voyager Network

It works either as a portable drive, mobile and media storage hub. For Windows users it is very easy to setup just plug into a computer. For Mac users reformat into Mac OS X Journalled format (HFS+).


Corsair build a mobile app for Android and iOS. Using the mobile app you can access the files in Hard drive, even you can play the videos and music in the drive. All you need to connect the mobile device to Voyager Air Wi-Fi hotspot.

Tech Specs:

Ports: Ethernet, USB, USB 2.0, SATA, USB 3.0, 802.11 b/g/n

Storage Capacity : 500GB and 1TB.