Now You Can Play Board Games With Bluetooth Powered Dice+

Android and iOS game lovers have good news; Digital game die, Dice+ is available to purchase. You can play games like Backgammon etc.


Dice+ is a Bluetooth powered die which directly talks with your tablet or smartphone. Right now the number of games that support the dice is fairly small. SDK is already released for future development, and more games will be expected, you can grab Dice+ for $39.99.

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All the purists out there must be celebrating at the news that the Dice + is now available for purchase. Some of you that might be wondering what is this device called a Dice +. Well, based on the name, you can tell that it’s a dice.

You should note that it’s not just any dice, it’s a smart dice. It was developed by a start-up to become the modern version of the dice we know and love. The device works with Bluetooth and it’s going to allow you to experience board games better.

How Smartphones Have Changed the Way We Play Board Games

Fans of board games know the importance of a dice in enhancing the game. The introduction of smartphones has changed many aspects of our lives. There has been a move to virtual board games thanks to these devices. The problem with these games is that they use an algorithm for spinning the dice and sometimes it can get annoying.

This device is meant to change that. Krzysztof Paplinski of Game Technologies, the creator of this device had this to say “a virtual roller just feels soulless, it makes people play together and brings about physical contact as you have to pass it to the next person.” Dice+ is meant to make virtual board games feel more alive and interactive than they are at present.

How the Dice+ Works

This device is basically a six-sided die that connects to your Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/4.0 Android/IOS device. There is a bit of a process to it as you do have to download the compatible Powered Board Games app as well.

The Dice+ does look bigger than normal dice (by about an inch), but it’s still just as good and comfortable on the hand as well.  It alerts the user via the use of lighting, blue when searching for the device, green when the connection is made and yellow and red to show low battery levels. It can be recharged via the use of a USB cable.

Game Compatibility with Dice+

The main issue that some users might find with this device is compatibility with the different games in the market. The app store and Play store have tons of games that are sadly not compatible with the Dice+. Currently, app developers have an ultimate say when it comes to compatibility, and the company is trying hard to push more developers to add compatibility.

As of now, a few games are compatible, but many of the games we like (Monopoly and the rest) are not compatible with this device. This is acknowledged by Paplinski who said that they are now in talks with a number of developers and publishers with the aim of introducing support for existing and upcoming digital board games.


As far as we know, Dice+ costs $40 and comes with a carrying pouch and a USB cable for charging. The Dice+ might not be for everyone though. It mostly depends on what type of gamer you are. Either way, it’s definitely a great way to enhance the virtual gaming experience that was in all honestly kind of getting dull. Whether it’s for you or not will mostly depend on your own personal preferences.


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