Iron Man’s Voice Controlled Assistant JARVIS Comes To The iPhone

Iron Man movie lovers will definitely love this, Iron Man’s Voice Controlled Assistant JARVIS Comes To The iPhone. Just like Tony Stark you can talk with your iPhone.

Marvel has released a new iOS app that looks and voice of Tony Stark’s assistant. If you have an Iron Man 3 Blu-ray disc, JARVIS also has the ability to act as your second screen, and a controller for the movie and even works as a doubling Alarm clock.

Jarvis Jarvis UI

For a complete list of instructions recognized by JARVIS, click on the info icon located in the top-right corner of the screen. JARVIS mainly recognize simple words like “JARVIS Time”. JARVIS is a simple replica of SIRI with extra features like playback control and alarm.

It is a must have app for all Iron Man fans.

Download JARVIS for iPhone.

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