Shifu Is A Unique Intelligent To-Do & Task Manager For Android

Shifu is a intelligent To-Do list and Task Manager Android app that makes your daily routine tasks much easier. The app is created by Delhi based app developer Prashant Singh. We have ton’s of To-Do list apps available in Google Play Store, but Shifu is completely different from all.

Shifu Wifi Shifu

First when I heard of Shifu it reminds me of “Master Shifu” in Kung Fu Panda. Shifu is a context based intelligent app, normal traditional apps are uses normal input and reminds at the time you set. But Shifu manages all this in a unique way. The app usage is very easy and simple, Shifu needs your Facebook authorization to start service. Linking to your Facebook profile lets you to sync all tasks in the cloud.

Shifu RemindsShifu Settings

Shifu starts with a clean looking interface with a circle at the centre. When you click on + button at bottom of the interface it opens the different types of remainders list. If you want to get reminded about a item when you reach a particular location click on the location symbol and add the location and task.

Shifu Reminders

Shifu can reminds you even when you are in a call, click on Phone receiver context menu and add your desired number and task. Example I created a simple task, when my Mom calls to me Shifu reminds me about grocery items list.

You can also view all your reminders by tapping the button at the top left corner on the app’s home screen. Completed reminders are strikes off and you can delete the remainders list by clicking on recycle bin icon. Shifu supports notifications alert, by default Shifu intimates you by a sound alert.

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You can tweak the Shifu by enabling the Active Wallpaper feature, which displays notifications on your home screen and lock screen as backgrounds.

Overall Shifu is a very good Task Management app for Android. Shifu reminds me of Tasker app, Tasker is somehow complicated to use but Shifu is a decent alternative for easier tasks. It takes some time to understand, but later on you’ll completely depend on Shifu to simplify your daily life.

Download Shifu.


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