Apple Fixes Lockscreen Bypass Bug With iOS 7.0.2

Apple confirmed to the world that it was working on a fix to the iOS 7 lock screen bug earlier. Now apple released iOS 7.0.2 for all devices.

iOS 7.0.2

This over-the-air update requires a WiFi connection to download and install, and the file size ranges from between 17MB and 20MB depending on which device you are using. Or you can manually update the iOS 7.0.2 using iTunes, download the iOS 7.0.2 from the below given links.

Download Links of iOS 7.0.2:

iOS 7.0.2 For iPhone:

  • iPhone4 (iPhone3,1):           Download
  • iPhone3,2 (iPhone3,2):       Download
  • iPhone4(vz) (iPhone3,3):     Download
  • iPhone4S (iPhone4,1):        Download
  • iPhone5,1 (iPhone5,1):       Download
  • iPhone5,2 (iPhone5,2):       Download
  • iPhone5,3 (iPhone5,3):       Download
  • iPhone5,4 (iPhone5,4):       Download
  • iPhone6,1 (iPhone6,1):       Download
  • iPhone6,2 (iPhone6,2):       Download

iOS 7.0.2 For iPads:

  • iPad2(wifi) (iPad2,1):    Download
  • iPad2(at&t) (iPad2,2):   Download
  • iPad2(vz) (iPad2,3):       Download
  • iPad2,4 (iPad2,4):         Download
  • iPad2,5 (iPad2,5):         Download
  • iPad2,6 (iPad2,6):         Download
  • iPad2,7 (iPad2,7):         Download
  • iPad3,1 (iPad3,1):         Download
  • iPad3,2 (iPad3,2):         Download
  • iPad3,3 (iPad3,3):         Download
  • iPad3,4 (iPad3,4):         Download
  • iPad3,5 (iPad3,5):         Download
  • iPad3,6 (iPad3,6):         Download

iOS 7.0.2 For iPod Touch 5:

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