Check Your Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo And Many More In SolMail For Android

If your feeling complicated to maintain your all email accounts, install SolMail for Android. SolMail is new email client for Android to handle all your mail accounts in one place. Thanks to SolMail it differentiate email accounts by using different colours for email accounts.

SolMailSolMail UI

Navigation style and colours resemblances Gmail so much. SolMail supports popular email services such as Gmail, Outlook, AOL and Yahoo etc. You can setup any POP3 or IMAP accounts manually. The app supports Gmail’s swiping gestures, like swipe down to refresh and horizontal swipe to delete or archive it.

SolMail built with file manger to easily view attachment previews, it saves a lot of time to users. Overall SolMail offers a decent features to manage your multiple email accounts in one place.

Download SolMail.


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