Fixico Maintains And Updates Your Computer Regularly By Remotely

Many of us don’t have time to clean and maintain computers regularly. Fixico simplifies your job by regular cleaning and maintaining remotely. Fixico is a IBM-powered web based system cleaning service. It is founded by Arthur Barenshtein & Alex Varshavsky from Israel, company says

Fixico is an IBM-powered maintenance solution that regularly cleans and updates your computers, keeping them safe and fast. From diagnostics to all necessary software updates and virus protection, get all you need in one simple package.

How Fixico Works?

Fixico works purely on cloud based operation, the simple setup wizard runs in background send relevant information of your computer to Fixico cloud server farm. Fixico works even in very slow internet connections, by keeping your computer safe and secure. Fixico server checks your computer performance regularly and apply most current updates and patches.

Fixico offers features like:

  • OS & Application Updates
  • Performance Optimization
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Trend Micro Antivirus
  • Malware Websites Protection

Fixico Download UI

Fixico is created to speed up your PC and to protect your PC from threats and viruses. To get started you need to download the Fixico setup wizard to your computer.

Fixico Installation

Fixico PC Checking


After successful installation, the app works in the background to get things done. Now open the Fixico website and log into your account. In the first run Fixico take 10 min time to completely analyse your system. After complete analysis Fixico shows the detailed information of your computer like System resources, Alerts and status.

Fixico System Info

Fixico System Modes

Fixico Settings

Fixico Customize Settings

You can customize all your settings in the Fixico web interface like App updates, Security, Performance and OS Updates. Simply if you want to block some online stuff like porn sites and Social networking sites Fixico offers one click solution, you can set your system mode as Home, Child and Work.

Overall it is a very good service to save your time on PC for maintenance. It is the best and easiest way to keep your PC secured and updated.

You can try Fixico for 14 days(no credit card required), or very flexible plans available for single PC user to multiple PC users. Checkout Fixico website for complete details of plans and pricing.

Visit Fixico.


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