Set Custom Alerts To Anyone At A Location With Location Reminder

Location Remainder is a new app that lets you set custom alerts to anyone when you are at a certain location. We already reviewed Shifu remainder cum task management app earlier like Shifu Location Remainder can set different tasks at custom locations.

Location ReminderLocation Reminder UI

Location Reminder uses Google Maps API to manage simple tasks. If you set a location of Shopping Mall for buying clothes, when you reach the location it reminds you about to buy clothes. The app UI is very simple to understand, just tap on the + sign at the top right set the time and location and save.

You can also set the radius of area zone between 250 meters to 20 kilometres. It reminds you as a pop-up dialogue when you reach location, also you can set SMS and email to send notifications to someone. Location Reminder is a free app available in Google Play store.

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