Easysmart Ultra Thin S/Steel 2.4G Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Review

Easysmart’s new keyboard is more than just good looking, it is very comfortable and stylish. I am typing this words on Easysmart keyboard, the keys are very soft and very comfortable for typing. The chicklet design is strongly adopted from Apple Keyboard, but it is more funky and cheaper than Apple Keyboard.

Keyboard Layout Placing



The design is minimal and clean, built with stainless steel finish at the backside. It’s an incredibly slim and sleek keyboard, keys are big and very comfortable for big fingers. The keyboard back is steel finished and slightly slanting towards down. On the up side the On/Off key and battery slot is provided. Overall, I love the keyboard, it fits very well even on small desk space, it perfectly fits your everyday use.

Keyboard Side

The keys are starts with Esc to Enter tab at the last, no space is given between keys and closely packed, for dust resistance company given rubber panel to cover keyboard. I feel very convenient to type on keyboard, when you click on the key you feel soft and rubber grip and very low key stroke sound is coming.

Keyboard Holding Keyboard Back Pocket

When it comes to Mouse, the performance is very descent and clean. The Mouse is perfectly fits in your hand and easily movable in any surface without mouse pad. We tested on various surfaces like wood, plastic and paper. The left and right button layout is perfectly spaced, and the weight of the Mice is very light weight and easily movable.


The finishing of the mouse is very classy and shiny, the scroller is fitted with a rubber grip for comfort. Bottom of the mouse on/off button is present, at the top you can remove the lid to place the battery.


The company is giving guarantee for 18 months of battery life of two AAA cells, which is very good for energy and money saving.


The keyboard and Mouse bundled in a semi-transparent plastic box. Just like all the other panels, you have the manufacturer and keyboard naming on the box, but the information of the bundle is specified in Chinese language.





TTH Keyboard





Tech Specs

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz (2400MHzz)
  • Range: 10 meters (32 feet)
  • Size: Keyboard: L 340 x W 112 x D 25mm
  • Power: 2 x AAA battery for keyboard, 1 x AAA battery for Mouse

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