Know Your USB Drive Speed & Performance With USBFlashSpeed

An USB Drive Read and Write speeds are independent of Computer speed and performance, simple if your pen drive read and write speeds are very slow don’t blame your computer it is totally your pen drive capacity.


You can easily check actual performance of your USB Drive with UsbFlashSpeed. This tool is very handy to measure read and write speeds of a USB drive, it also publishes your USB benchmark results to online repository.

USBFlashBenchmark Testing

The webpage of USBFlashSpeed shows the benchmark results of various drives based on user submissions. You can also use the search box to find a particular pen drive benchmark results. Click on the exclusive benchmark tool to download the file. Th file sizes less than 36kb, extract and open it.

USBFlashBenchmark Results

The main UI is very easy to understand, just plug the USB drive to your computer and select the drive letter in the UI and click on the Benchmark tab to start test. It tests your USB drive at different read and write speeds. The test will take some time to complete, results will be shown in easiest graph to understand.

Report Link

You can share your drive performance reports online, just enter provided link into your browser to view it online, or share it.

Visit USBFlashSpeed.


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