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How you take screenshots on your PC? normally most of us use Snipping tool to take screenshots on Windows. What would you do if you want to share instantly screenshot to a image hosting service? Confused this is a two step process first take screen shot and next uploading screenshot using browser.
ShareX Screen Shot

Simply download ShareX for Windows to easily take screenshots and share them online in simple clicks.

What Is ShareX and How it works ?

ShareX allows you take screenshots easily and let them to upload various top image hosting services. It works on background and can be operated with simple shortcuts. ShareX offers more than paid screen capturing tools, the options are literally unlimited and useful.

ShareX Options

The main user interface of ShareX sports full of option on the left side of the Dashboard. By just seeing the options in the left panel you can understand the usability of the ShareX.

1.First Clipboard upload can uploads the copied image to your clipboard.

2.File upload lets you to locate and browse the specific image on your physical location to upload.


3.Capture is a easiest screenshot taking option with various screen capturing modes. You can take screenshot using Fullscreen, Window(at present opened Windows on your PC), Monitor and various shapes such as Rectangle, Rectangle Window, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Diamond, Polygon, Free Hand, Last Region, Screen Recorder and Auto Capture.

After Capture

4.After Capture lets you to customize and integrate features like image resize, boarder, shadow and Watermark.

After Upload
5.After upload features url shortening service, email URL, post URL to social networking service options.

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6.Destinations show the various types of image hosting services. You can set a different destination based on the different file types.

In Application settings tab you can add your image hosting services accounts, Social networking accounts, watermark and other settings.

Hotkey settings allows you to take screenshots, copy clipboards and uploads with simple keyboard shortcuts.

ShareX is a best alternative for paid Screenshot capturing software’s, it has unique features and abilities. We strongly recommend ShareX as a best free tool to capture screenshot in Windows.

Download ShareX.

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