Listen High Quality Podcasts With Ads Free Using AntennaPod For Android

Listening podcast is a pleasure, but most pocathers are premium apps. If you are looking for a free podcatcher try AntennaPod. AntennaPod is a free open source app for Android, it automatically downloads your shows in distraction free mode.

AntennaPod adding Feed

After finishing installation when you open the app it comes with already pre installed stuff. You can easily add new podcast by adding feed url clicking on + icon on the top. Or you can use Miro Guide to search through popular podcasts list. The best part of the app is you can import your OPML file to add your complete podcasts list.

AntennaPod UIAntennaPod Player

For automatic download episodes you need to configure the settings. Once you’ve downloaded files you can send them to the queue. AntennaPod works in background, means it supports multitasking. Overall it is a verygood podcather for Android for free of cost.

Download AntennaPod.


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