Zim Is A Budget Friendly 3D Printer Currently Funding In Kickstarter

A three-dimensional object printing is the latest technology innovation. Uses are unlimited, you just need to innovate something new in 3D Printer. At present 3D Printers are affordable only for businesses, Zim is a consumer friendly entry into the 3D Printers world.

Zeepro Zim

Zim is a complete fully plug and play 3D Printer, build with one or two extruders including Ethernet, Wifi connectivity, micro-camera, smartphone and tablet control along with refillable cartridge system.

Zeepro Zim adjustable dual head

Zim features a fine resolution (as low as 50 microns per layer) with a print volume of 205 cubic inches (5.9”x5.9”x5.9”). Zim prints 3D objects at a fast speed (up to 110 mm/s). Zim is designed to easily carry everywhere and fits perfectly in your home or office desk. For less than $800 you will get two extruders for printing two materials or two colors.

Zim Printed Objects

Zim is currently funding on Kickstarter and successfully reached the goal of $300,000. You can back this project minimum $1 to $9,999 or more. Or you can pledge the amount of $599 to get early edition of Zim (only 7 days remaining).

Visit Zeepro.

Visit Kickstarter page.

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