History Of Malware

Malware is the collective term for viruses, Trojans and other malicious programs that can negatively infect computers. As the technology improved, these malicious programs expanded their effect to the smartphones and tablets too. If you are eager to know the complete history of malware, we have a nice article for you./:e Morris Worm, which was created by Robert Morris in 1988. It not only infected computers at Morris’ alma mater, Cornell University, but also those used by the military and NASA.

  • Concept‘ was a virus that came in 1995 and hid itself in Word documents prior to spreading itself throughout a computer. The Happy99, Melissa worm and Kak worm were all released in 1999. They were known to spread incredibly quickly throughout the Microsoft computer environment.
  • In 2001, the ‘Nimda‘ worm was released. It caused the worst Internet crisis as it took only 22 minutes to wreak havoc. The worm infected filed on computers and used several forms of propagation to spread.
  • The ‘Blaster‘ Worm was one of the worst forms of malware in 2003. It affected Windows 2000 and Windows XP machines and affected the service on the operating system. The MyDoom worm was released in 2004 and infected Windows computers via email. During the time, it was the fastest spreading email worm and included text that read, “Andy; I’m just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry.”
  • The first Mac OS X virus came about in 2006. It was the ‘Leap-A‘ worm, which spread through the iChat instant messaging system. It would attach itself to people’s buddy lists and appear harmless, in the form of an icon.
  • The ‘Zeus‘ Trojan horse from 2007 stole people’s banking information. It compromised over 74,000 FTP accounts on a variety of websites, including those of banks. In 2009, the first iPhone worm, Ikee, appeared. It affected jailbroken iPhones and displayed a photo of singer Rick Astley with the line, “Ikee is never gonna give you up.”
  • The ‘Boonana‘ Trojan came out in 2010 and affected Macs. It showed up disguised as a Facebook video link asking the user, “Is this you in this video?”
  • Simda.B‘ is a Trojan that was released in 2013. What makes it especially dangerous is that it is disguised as a Flash update but steals the administrative rights to computers affected. It also takes users’ passwords and sends them to the creators of the malware.

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