Live The Voice Chat Experience In Gaming With Dolby Axon Voice Chat

Dolby released a new app for Windows and Mac OSX gaming enthusiasts for realistic voice chat experience in gaming. Axon is a voice chat program designed for gamers to feel directional surround sound while on chat.

When in Axon voice chatting it produces the sound considering your and other players position in a game and alter the players voices to match their position. The main and unique feature of Axon is positional audio, you may feel hmm but its true.

Dolby Axon Settings

Dolby Axon is a free program available for Windows and Mac OSX for free. To get started you need to create account in Dolby Axon, the Signup process is simple and easy.

The user interface of Axon is similar to normal voice chat messengers. You can organize your buddies list using groups and sorts. Overall it is a decent performer and good alternative of other game voice chat clients like Teamspeak and Mumble.

Note: The positional audio feature will not work in all games.

Download Dolby Axon.

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