How To Make Windows Vista, 7 And 8 Genuine After Hardware Change

Buying a computer that comes with pre-installed and original versions of Windows Vista, 7 and 8 is a good choice. The OS and its key are particularly attached to the single system only, means it is an OEM copy which is made to work with a single system. Even if you buy a box of original Windows OS and installed on an old computer, the OS binds with hardware.

The problem arises when you want to upgrade your system hardware the copy of your original Windows become non-genuine.

Differences Between OEM and Boxed Copy

Windows genuine problems have its limitations. When you are using an OEM version of Windows you can’t make it as genuine again. If your hard drive fails on an OEM installed copy, you can’t move it to a new computer.

A boxed copy of Windows can be moved to a new computer. The main limitation of the retail version of Windows is you can use the copy on a single computer at a time.

Why Windows become non-genuine after hardware change

A hardware also change makes a change in the system and Windows thinks that you are using the same version of Windows in another system. According to the Microsoft licence agreement, it has some limitations.

How to make your PC Genuine again

If you faced non-genuine problem after hardware change you’ll have to activate your Windows again with Microsoft. To make genuine again you need to open the Windows activation tool. Go to the start menu and type “Activate”, and click on the Windows Activation tool.

Windows Activation

How to make your PC Genuine again


Now select the “Show me other ways to activate” option and follow the setup. Here select the “Use automated phone system” option, now wizard will give a toll-free number. Call the number and follow the instruction and you’ll be given a confirmation ID, you need to enter this ID in Windows Activation tool. Or you can directly contact a Microsoft customer care executive to explain the details and solve the non-genuine problem.

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