Quickly Change The DNS Configurations Using QuickSetDNS

DNS is a very important aspect of internet, changing configurations of DNS can increase up your browsing speeds. DNS is used to look up the IP address of a domain name to reach us quickly.

For fastest browsing experience setting up a DNS closer to your physical location may give best speed results. Web based third-party services like OpenDNS and Google Public DNS can be used instead of default configuration provided by your Internet service provider.

Adding New Server Address in QuickSetDNS

After selecting DNS nearer to your Physical location, you can set the DNS as a default. But what if you want to change the DNS regularly? Try QuickSetDNS from Nirsoft. QuickSetDNS is a very small utility tool to change the DNS in fraction of seconds, it don’t need any installation or any additional dll files.

Quick DNS Settings

How to use QuickSetDNS:

Just open the exe and enter your desired DNS settings by going to File–>New DNS Server. By default QuickSetDNS comes with automatic and Google Public DNS settings. If you want to change the DNS just right click on the desired DNS and click onthe first optio “Set Active DNS”.

Overall QuickSetDNS is a very good time saving tool when you want change your DNS regularly.

Download QuickSetDNS.

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