Flyne Is A New Offline News Reader For Android

RSS is a very useful format to view your favorite latest updates instantly on your reading device. Google Reader is popular RSS reader, but after Google Reader demise people are looking for best reader. Flyne is a latest Android reader developed by team behind Flacon Pro.


Flyne is a free cum premium app for Android, free offers pre-added popular feeds. Where as premium version lets you connect your feedly and Twitter accounts. The user interface is pretty much easy to navigate, just swipe left and right to navigate between feeds. Initially Flyne offers feeds from popular websites and blogs. You can choose categories such as Android, architecture, design, food, gaming, music, photography and mush more.

Flyne sports night mode for better reading option and also it lets you to change the text size. Overall Flyne is a very good feed reader available for Android with decent features.

Download Flyne.

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